Double Diamond uses Boon to remain compliant while scaling

February 12, 2024

Double Diamond Transport is one of the fastest-growing companies in transportation in the southwest region.

With over 100 trucks moving daily from the main cities of Texas,  this award-winning service has been recognized by clients like Niagara Bottling as one of the best partners in transportation during 2023.

One of their biggest operational challenges stemmed from the delicacy of remaining compliant with regulations while continuing to grow as an efficient company. For example, before the integration of Boon's AI, Double Diamond would spend multiple hours a week manually identifying and inputting compliance issues into driver logs. In the transportation industry, these hours are precious to spare, which is when they brought Boons AI into the picture.

Boon integrates data from different systems, like telematics and TMS, and runs the information through a computer vision model. This allows Boon to automatically identify any missing trailer numbers or other compliance risks in real time. This gives dispatchers and drivers precious hours and allows them to deliver excellent times.

By leveraging Boon's AI, Double Diamond was able to completely automate the 90-minute weekly compliance task. The AI identifies gaps in trailer numbers and other log details instantly as part of its continuous auditing. This saves Double Diamond significant time and ensures they stay compliant without any manual effort.

Boon's automation through computer vision massively improved efficiency for Double Diamond's compliance and operations teams. The AI handles time-consuming data tasks so the company can focus on moving loads safely and profitably.

Deepti Yenireddy


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